Hi, I'm still Petter Johansson, Graphic Designer from Västerås, Sweden.

This is a showcase of the work I did on the iOS-game Stupid Stones.

About Stupid Stones

Stupid Stones is an iOS game that features classic arcade action with a color matching twist.

The game, which was the first videogame project for both the client and me, was released in 2014 for iPhone and iPad.


I was asked to be the graphic artist for the game; to draw backgrounds, characters, logo, UI, effects, and animations.


The game is a 2D ”drop down” shooter in the same vein as Space Invaders, and features a player character, multiple enemies and bosses, and a series of levels in different environments.

The vision for the game was one reminiscent of classic Nintendo games, where every element of the world is colorful and has its own personality. And since color is such an integral part of the gameplay, this would have to be reflected in the world and its characters.


Mechanically each character would have its own behaviour and weakness, and it was necessary that they were distinct on screen, even under a high tempo so the player could make split second decisions.

To make the world feel alive and diverse it was also important to make each background unique and vibrant, but not interfere with the foreground action.

This being the first game for both me and the client, and that development was outsourced, made the entire process a challenge, in everything from communication, to production, and iteration.


Each character, ability, and environment got its own look and color scheme, in a cartoony outlined style, separating background and foreground.

Since the iterative process of delivering graphics and seeing it in game was slow, it was important for us to produce mock ups for every game screen and element, and also for me to be extra careful in the final art and animation sprites.

The game was produced bit by bit, adding content linearly.


The result was a vibrant and alive game world, full of unique characters and fast paced action.

Despite all the challenges we actually managed to make a game, and learned a lot from the experience.