Hi, I'm still Petter Johansson, Graphic Designer from Västerås, Sweden.

This is a showcase of the work I did on the game BitQuiz.

About BitQuiz

BitQuiz is a card game that challenges your knowledge of video game trivia.

The clients' vision was to create a social and analog experience around the passion of a digital medium, that would join all kinds of enthusiasts; both young and old, new and experienced.


I was asked to be the graphic designer for the game, designing the cards, the logo, and the box.


BitQuiz is 500 questions on 100 cards, in three categories and five difficulties.

The brief described the vision of a vintage style of yellowed paper and a muted color scheme, inspired by old playing cards, to put an emphasis on the retro aspect of the game and evoke nostalgia.


The challenge was in the opposites: a digital medium portrayed in an analog one; topics covering both history and the latest releases; and a product aimed at both enthusiasts and casuals.

This job was also a practical challenge, to learn how to manage the content, set up an efficient workflow, and produce the print ready final art.


The pixel is an iconic element, almost synonymous with retro gaming. I decided to go for a ”pseudo low res” style, where the pixels are emphasized, but also extruded into 3D; a way to symbolically bridge the old and the new.

The idea of a mascot came naturally, as a fun and fitting way to give character to the product, and illustrate the different categories.

The color scheme is predominantly warm, and nothing is ever pure white or black (except text, for legibility), which fits well with retro style of the brief.

On the box the logo is framed by a japanese sun; another natural element, and an effective way to bring attention to the box, and guide the eyes to the logo.

The questions were delivered in spreadsheets. I created InDesign templates and set up a workflow which let me easily mount the content, let it flow through the cards, and fill the entire document, and then edit out markers and errors.


BitQuiz was a success as it was well received by gamers and almost sold out.

The client was very happy with the look of the game, and my work helped give a unique product a memorable look.