Hi, I'm still Petter Johansson, Graphic Designer from Västerås, Sweden.

This is a showcase of a quickie I did for the e-sports team Anticute.

About Anticute

Anticute is a Swedish e-sports team that was recently resurrected from a long hiatus.


I was asked to redraw their original skull symbol, and produce a new wordmark.


Anticute started under a different name, and has been around for a while, in different constellations, playing different e-sport games, but focusing on Counter Strike. When the team recently reunited, they decided to update their logo.

Just as the members had become older and more experienced, the logo was to keep its character and identity, but get a more mature and refined look.


The original skull had a lot of personality which had to be carried over to the new version.

The team also asked for a new wordmark. Earlier external attempts had been made to match the original skull, but the team took the opportunity to redo the entire logo, symbol and wordmark, to have them resonate better together.


I identified the characteristics of the original skull and what parts made it stand out. I then redrew the skull from scratch, keeping in mind all of the details that made up the original look.

I designed the new wordmark to be bold, modern, and have an air of counter culture, inspired by graffiti stencils and censored documents.


The team decided on the angled skull version, giving it more depth and detail, but keeping that original mocking grin and malicious gaze.

The result was a symbol making the same journey as the team; rising from the past into the present.

The team was happy with the change, and quickly took the new symbol as their own, printing it on shirts and mouse pads.